Who We Are

Who We Are

The Authority’s Setup

King Fahd Causeway Authority is an organization with corporate entity established under the construction agreement signed between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain on 13/4/1406H ratified by the Royal Decree No. R/9 on 3/5/1406H and the Amiri Decree No. (4) for the year 1986 AD dated 19/5/1406H.

The Authority’s Structure

The Authority is made up of a Board of Directors and Executive Management. The Board of Directors comprises as per the agreement of eight members four of whom are Saudi nationals appointed by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and four are Bahrain nationals appointed by the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The tenure of membership of the Board of Directors is three years and renewable. However, the Executive Management of the Authority’s departments is represented by its General Manager.

The tasks assigned to the Authority are as follows:

The Causeway’s Management:

This responsibility is represented in the managerial, financial and technical supervision over all existent operations in the Causeway; these include the coordination with the government bodies in the two Kingdoms which are connected to the Causeway’s business such as security, passports and customs; also, these include the collection of financial tariffs in consideration for traffic passing over the bridge and the use of the Causeway’s facilities.

Maintenance, Operation and Overall Inspection of the Causeway

The General Directorate for Operation and Maintenance at the Authority, in coordination with the specialized companies, carries out the implementation and follow-up of the maintenance and protective maintenance jobs as per the programs prepared for such purposes for all parts of the causeway, the buildings and equipment in addition to the operation of all the services such as electricity, water, sewerage, telephone etc. and for the purpose of overall inspection of the causeway, a special team was set up for inspection and supervision over all the repair and maintenance works as per the programs so meticulously prepared.


King Fahd Causeway became one of the main attractions in the region frequented by citizens and residents, so the Foundation has a range of businesses, including aesthetic and green spaces and public facilities and services offices
And commercial complexes and others. Add to this the work of many private enterprises and government departments, non-governmental organizations to contribute to facilitate the performance of tasks, which in turn reflected on improving Services to attendees of the bridge.

Acts of amendments and additions

Amongst the priorities of the authority, which seeks to implement the work of the amendments and additions due to its importance and consistent with the public interest and the requirements of government departments operating the bridge in an effort to provide better service and facilities for all users of the bridge and enters, including the expansion and increase the tracks and create additional cabins, modify and expand the squares and lighting projects and the creation of buildings for services and public utilities to use the operating departments and travelers and other works that fall under this Job.

Cleaning and landscaping

Landscaping agriculture at the Causeway has become prominently attractive to hordes of citizens and resident for sightseeing and enjoyment of the well-planned green gardens scenery featuring full blooming arbors and the fresh healthy breeze emanating from the surrounding sea at the Border Island. The Authority does not spare any effort in order to develop and improve the aspect of beauty. Moreover, cleaning jobs represent another prominent feature of the Causeway which is constantly being implemented with a 24-hour follow-up.