Technical Information

Technical Information

Causeway Technical Information

  1. The road above the causeway runs in two opposite directions each being 11.6 meters wide with two lanes and a curb
    for emergency parking.
  2. The causeway is twenty-five kilometers in length. The Saudi portion begins at Al-‘Aziziyyah located south of Al-Khobar
    City and the Bahrain portion of the causeway begins right from Al-Jasra west of Manama.
  3. The causeway comprises of five bridges and seven embankments.
  4. Roads linking the causeway and the inland road network in both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain were constructed at the length of (32) kilometers up to Al Khobar and Dhahran City and at the length of (13) kilometers up to Manama City.

Border Station

The Border Station is located on embankment No.4, which, with a total area of 660,000 square meters, is the biggest of all embankments. The buildings of King Fahad Causeway Authority and other government Directorates were erected on the Border Station, as well as two mosques, two Coast Guard towers and two 65 meter-high tower restaurants. The border station also has beautiful landscaping all around the islands in addition to the services & road stations.The Border Station was designed as two connected islands, where the west side is designated to Saudi Arabia and the east to Bahrain.


Embankments’ Lengths

Bridges Lengths

Materials used in the bridges