Vip Lane

VIP Lane

Rapid progress in transportation King Fahd Causeway Authority has brought about drastic changes in every walk of life. King Fahd causeway authority has opened on 2/4/2003, a dedicated lane for the diplomatic passport holders, VIP, professionals and eminent personalities.

In order to use this passage for other than the mentioned above, applicants should get a formal permission from the concerned departments or authorities in both countries .

Instructions for Special Route Members:

  1. All special route card holders must pay the toll of toll gates of each side.
  2. The card holder has the right to use the route with his escort (accompanying) in the same vehicle, by only one vehicle.
  3. For the wife/wives or/and sons (in case of non presence of the card holder), they must present official documents, that proof the relation with the card holder, of course with the special route card.
  4. The special route card must present to the official, in case of losing or forgetting it, you would not be allowed to pass through the route.
  5. Membership period is one Gregorian year from the card issuance date.
  6. If the membership canceled by the official in any of the two kingdoms, the authority is not obliged to pay all or part of the membership cost, if it was active then.
  7. When card expired, it must be returned to the authority.
  8. The official authority have the right in not renewing any card without mentioning reasons.
  9. Every member should keep his card and not to allow others to use it, except his wife/wives or sons. The adult son has no right to use the card singly with out any of rest of the family members.
  10. The member is fully responsible of his dependants and accompany.
  11. Members and the allowed persons must completely obey the rules and laws of the two countries and traveling procedures, and must accompanying all required documents for this purpose, to take the banned things are strictly prohibited on each side.
  12. In case of losing the card, card holder must inform the authority immediately, in this case there will be a charge of 1,000 SR that must be paid before issuance of alternative card.
  13. The authority has the right to change or add to the above mentioned conditions with respect to new circumstances, route requirements and official instructions.
  14. The card must be presented at the first gate of the special route in each side only.


For more information’s contact the public relation department on following numbers.

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