Charges of trucks of all types and maximum permitted

Requirement for Trucks to enter across the Causeway In reality of the responsibility of King Fahad Causeway Authority to maintain the safety of the causeway, the authority does not allow trucks with excess loads and lengths to enter the causeway at both sides, unless there is a prior coordination for studying each case separately, and it is to be understood the, this is restricted to vehicles arriving via transit means or nonpartisan load, provide that the trucks from for non-standard trucks which are willing to cross via causeway, shall be completed and delivered to in charge at the gate for verification of the information therein, and that is after having been weighed and ascertained of dimensions at the Toll gates, in order to be transferred to concerned Dept. to determine whether or not be allowed according to certain standards, as follows :

– Toll collection of additional loads for any excess loads or lengths will be within allowed limits as per Gulf Standard Specification, and it is understood, that a light ratio was added to some of these weights on assumption of the wrongly ratio in these weighbridges, provided that, all companies and individuals shall adhere to distribution of the loads over axles in a regular manner. Any of these trucks to be precluded to enter causeway is as relevant KFCA rules with understanding, that the toll will be duplicated for each one tenth in excess of what is allowable, as well as disagreeable dimensions, and for both whenever come together.

– In case of considerable excess, a separate passes required from relevant Departments in both Kingdom before permitting to enter.

– Trucks will be allowed to enter the causeway without payment of additional toll in case of abiding by the limited weights, will taking into consideration the proper distribution over axles.

– It is a must to abide by rules and regulations issued by concerned Departments of both Governments, and it is to be understood, that this arrangement is valid within the limits of the causeway only. Loads owners will assume full responsibility in case of transportation to the other country whenever they are not abiding by rules and regulations of the kingdoms.

– Form of exceptional passes can be obtained through Toll gate supervisors at both sides.


For any further inquiries regarding exceptional loads or the collection method for additional tolls, contact supervisors at both sides:
Saudi Arabia
013 890 2156

17 796 354

Alternately, contact the concerned Authority Dept.:
Saudi Arabia
013 896 7000 Ext:1130